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Machine Learning for Pipeline Integrity and Risk

"Finding Threats before they Find You"


  • Improved allocation of assessment & mitigation resources

  • Improved allocation of data integration resources

  • Improved modeling & certainty through the use of actual observations & existing data  

Pipeline System

Machine Learning 

A proven data driven process  based on  thousands of miles of analysis spanning North and South America

MS SQL Azure

Supported by MS Azure and our powerful analytical libraries

Data Store

Learning is augmented by our geospatial data store including NRCS, NRI, ESRI and EIA data


Our professionals  understand pipeline systems and have decades of integrity and risk experience 

Explainable Results

Fully transparent and actionable results, check out our solutions to see how we use simulation, game theory and statistical techniques to simplify the outputs of complex models.

Results Explainability

 Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Use Cases

100k +

Pipeline Analysis Miles


Technical Presentations


Course Attendees

Learn a Threat Model in Minutes

Please contact us at 303-881-4379 or to discuss how machine learning can improve your integrity or risk management program

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