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Model Explainability - Simulation

  • Simulation example

Machine Learning Solutions

Selected Integrity and Risk Management  Solutions for Pipeline Systems

Selected Solutions for Pipeline Integrity & Risk

Best Viewed at 1040p


Third Party Damage Susceptibility

  • Learn Classification Model to Predict Third Party Damage Susceptibility

  • Assess Data Quality Metrics

  • Measure Contribution of Predictors & Simulate PMM's


Prioritize In-Line Inspections

  • Learn & Validate Model Based on Past Inspections

  • Apply Model to Similar Pipelines

  • Use Box-Plots to Prioritize Pipelines & Identify Outliers


Model Explainability 

  • Basic Example Demonstrating Shapley 

  • Method Deconstructs any Output Result Set

  • Results are Explainable, Human Readable and Actionable

Leverage Your Existing Data Investments

One process and one platform supports any integrity or risk use case, all with the intent on leveraging your existing data investments

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